The One Thing That Actually Made a Difference In My Hair

We’re nearing the end of summer and winter will be here before you know it. As we all know, winter can be downright cruel to our hair. The harsh weather will break strands, create a million new flyaways, increase the amount of time needed for combing, encourage split ends, and worst of all, decrease hair growth.
Thankfully there are ways we can prevent this damage from occurring by incorporating some natural DIY hair rinses into our routines. I’ve tried a lot of different products but I really noticed the biggest difference using this in the shower. My hair became softer and more manageable, I also made sure I didn’t change up any other products in my routine so I know the effects were purely from the rinses.

If you, like me, have dry and damaged hair then this treatment is for you.

Hair Rejuvenating Herbal Rinse: 
1. Steep 1/2 cup nettle, 1/2 cup horsetail, 1/4 cup dried rosemary (or 5 sprigs of fresh), and 4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a liter of hot water (not boiling).
2. Store in your fridge for 3 weeks and then strain the solids. Strain it the first time with with a metal strainer and then the second time with a coffee filter. ⠀⠀

3. When you want to use it, fill a mason jar with 50% of the herbal mixture 🥃and 50% water. Make sure it’s diluted because vinegar in large quantities can be damaging to hair.

You can use it as often as you would like. I personally use it every time I wash my hair (every 3 days or so). Of course the more often you use it the faster you’ll see results. ⠀⠀

If you have any special hair treatments that you would like to share then let me know in the comment section! I would love to hear it.

Until then, happy DIYing.

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